After Leon's release on bail, a Court of Queen's Bench Judge ruled that Leon would share custody of his children with Cori's parents.  She stated very clearly that "there is no information filed that would suggest that Walchuk was not at all times a good father during the four years of separation when he was in the co-parenting role"  (May 7, 1998)

Because of Leon's bail restrictions, he was not allowed to personally pick up the kids.  Therefore, his parents were ordered that they would pick up the children from Cori's home.

Leon's parents were quiet farm folk who had no experience with lawyers, police, judges, and courts.  They naively went to Melville anticipating an easy pick up of their grandchildren.  They had no idea what was waiting for them.

Upon arrival, they were ambushed  by Cori's family and supporters, as well as cops and lawyers who told them they couldn't have the kids.  Leon's parents insisted and provided the court order of May 7, 1998.  The police refused to enforce the order because there was not an "order" for them to do that. There also was not an "order" for them to allow Cori's parents to hide the children, but they stood by and let it happen.  Cori's parents told the media that the grandson was so scared of his father that he was hiding under the bed.  This outrageous story even made it to Melville's MLA at the time, Ron Osika, who without true investigation, took this farce to the legislature.  The truth, if anyone would have taken the time to speak with Leon's son was that he was so ashamed and embarrassed at what his mom's parents were doing that he just wanted to get away.  He also said that he was afraid of all those strangers in the house and yard.  Had he known his other grandparents were there for him, he would have left immediately.

This is how the police enforced a court order.  Refused to assist, but readily escorted Leon's parents away from their grandchildren.

Before Leon's lawyer could intervene, Department of Social Services worker, Myles Shuya, overruled the judge's order and somehow got a Judge, Ronald Barclay, to sit in appeal of the original Judge's decision.  A "highly unusual" occurrence because only judges of higher courts have jurisdiction to overrule.  He then proceeded to seize the file, which meant the case could not be heard in front of any other judges - another "highly unusual" occurrence.  From then on, every lie that was told by Cori's parents was believed and Leon had no contact with his children even after Social Services recommended that there be contact.  To make matters worse, his parents ended up with the most ridiculous restrictions and rules even going so far as to slap a restraining order on them because they tried accessing the kids as the court order stipulated.  Between the Court and Cori's parents lack of cooperation, visits became less and less.  

When Leon's father became terminally ill in 2000, Cori's parents reluctantly allowed the kids to visit.  Then when the kids didn't want to leave, Leon's mom applied for interim custody.  The fabricated statements read in court were devastating.  Cori's parents stated that the Walchuk's were lying about Leon's father's illness and that the Walchuk's were manipulating them so that they could see the kids.  (Has anyone ever seen someone "fake" cancer and even go so far as having months of chemo and radiation as well being fed with a stomach tube??)  Cori's parents said that the Walchuks would call and say "it will be grandpa's last Christmas, grandpa's last birthday, grandpa's last Easter.  The Judge believed these lies and Leon's folks lost the kids again.  THREE DAYS AFTER THIS HEARING, LEON'S FATHER DIED!  A mere eight months after his diagnosis. Cori's parents wouldn't even allow the kids to go to the funeral.  Their excuse was that the kids had track and field at school that day.

COLD, HEARTLESS PEOPLE who want nothing but vengeance and have used their grandchildren time and time again to hurt Leon's parents.  

About a year later, Leon's mom became terminally ill also.  Cori's parents wouldn't let her see the children .  They wouldn't even accept birthday and Christmas gifts from her.  A year or so after that, she died - having never seen her grandchildren again.

The children learned quickly that Cori's parents did not want to hear that they wanted to see their dad.  No one in the Department of Social Services wanted to hear the children say that they wanted to see their dad.  The kids were under immense pressure to say and think what Cori's parents wanted them to say and think, and likely still are.  The kids were surrounded by people who held negative opinions of Leon.  Despite all of Cori's family's attempts, the children know that their dad loves them and that their true home will always be the farm.  They know that they can always come back......... anytime.

How can these people actually say they are doing what is in the best interest of the children?  They care so much that about a year and a half ago, they stuck Leon's daughter in a foster home to live with complete strangers because they didn't want to "deal" with her any longer.  No one in Leon's family was notified about this selfish decision on their part.  She could have come home to Walchuk family where she should be.

How can any reasonable person say that it is in the children's best interest for their father to be locked up for something he didn't do.

Also, bear in mind, they are not "children" anymore.  Maybe it's time they be allowed to speak up for themselves.