Dr. Gerald Hurst and Ken Gibson attended the scene on Oct. 6, 2002.

Gerald Hurst is a Chemist and Ken Gibson is a fire investigator. They are both from Texas, USA.   Together they have helped numerous people prove their innocence. 

One such story was that of Terri Strickland which was featured on Court TV's Forensic Files.  Terri was charged with murder and arson after a fire in her home claimed the life of her infant son.  Officials said it was arson.  Gerald and Ken proved the fire accidental.

The investigation at Leon's consisted of observation of the site, review of files and photos, and burn pattern experiment.  

A stair was recreated with plastic runner applied just as the basement stairs were in Leon's house.  Gasoline was poured on to the runner and lit with a match just as the cops and the prosecution said Leon did it.  The result was as expected.  The fire burned for approximately 1minute and 10 seconds.  By this time the gas was consumed and the fire went out.  This short duration caused the runner to turn black and melt somewhat.  When the runner was removed, the underlying wood was not charred at all!!  The plastic runner had protected the stair.  The burn patterns looked nothing like the burn patterns found on the stairs after the fire.  The only way in which those burn patterns could been recreated would be to have a burning piece of debris or hot embers burning on top. (drop down)   Then the flame would burn through the runner and cause burning on the wooden stair.

Hurst and Gibson stated "there is no evidence of any accelerant having been poured on or below the stairs", "the physical evidence found at the scene backs up Leon's version of the events".  And since the medical evidence proved that Cori would have been conscious and aware, they were able to determine why she was unable to escape the fire.